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CAS 170851-70-4 Ipamorelin high quality high purity worldwide hot selling best price safe fast delivery and high customer satisfaction

Common Name:Ipamorelin

CAS Number:170851-70-4

Molecular Weight:711.853

Molecular Formula:C38H49N9O5


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    product specification

    Common Name Ipamorelin
    CAS Number 170851-70-4
    Molecular Weight 711.853
    Density 1.3±0.1 g/cm3
    Boiling Point 1185.5±65.0 °C at 760 mmHg
    Molecular Formula C38H49N9O5
    Exact Mass 711.385681
    PSA 240.21000
    Appearance lyophilized powder
    Storage condition -20°C Freezer

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    Product Use

    Ipamorelin is a peptide hormone that is a synthetic analog of growth hormone-releasing hormone. Ipamorelin works by mimicking the effects of growth hormone-releasing peptide, a natural hormone produced in the stomach that stimulates appetite and growth hormone release, improves strength, and enhances fat breakdown. It is suitable for use during muscle gain and fat loss.Used for scientific research, content determination, identification, pharmacological experiment and activity screening.

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    Demei Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.is a dynamic and innovative enterprise specializing in the research, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients and organic compounds. With a firm commitment to advancing the global pharmaceutical industry, we dedicate ourselves to facilitating the export of Chinese pharmaceutical products worldwide. Our extensive product portfolio has garnered recognition in key markets, including the UK, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and numerous other regions. Embracing the principles of integrity and transparency, we prioritize building trustworthy relationships with our clients, ensuring mutual success and long-term partnerships.



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    Aluminum packages, carton box, wooden box, customized packaging
    Warehouse: China
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    1. Delivery time: Within 3-15 days after the contract takes effect
    2. Delivery location: Address of the consignee(should be the contracting unit)
    3. Delivery method: We are responsible for the transportation of the goods, FOB price
    4. Freight method: air freight, ship freight
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    Alibaba, Bitcoin, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Alipay and other remittance methods.

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