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CAS 74381-53-6 Leuprolide acetate (Des-Gly10,D-Leu6,Pro-NHEt9)-LHRH acetate salt Direct Sales from China factory High Purity Safety shipping Good Quality Low price Fast Delivery

Leuprolide acetate is a potent analog of LH-RH useful in achieving a medical castration in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. It has also been investigated for the treatment of advanced breast cancer.


    Product Description

    An acetate salt obtained by combining the nonapeptide leuprolide with acetic acid. A long lasting GnRH analog, LH-Rh agonist. It is a synthetic nonapeptide analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and is used as a subcutaneous hydrogel implant for the t eatment of prostate cancer and for the suppression of gonadal sex hormone production in children with central precocious puberty. 

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    Product Application

     Leuprolide acetate USP (Leupron) is used to treat Prostatic carcinoma. Synthetic nonapeptide agonist analog of LH-RH. Antineoplastic (hormonal). In mice, leuprolide acetate salt has been used to check the need of estrogen receptor α in spermatogenic cells, for development or function in fertilization.

    product specification

    Common Name Leuprolide acetate
    CAS Number 74381-53-6
    Boiling Point 1720.5ºC at 760 mmHg
    Melting Point 150-155ºC
    Molecular Formula C61H88N16O14
    Molecular Weight 1269.450
    PSA 466.34000
    LogP 3.44730


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